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Thank You Truck Drivers, For Keeping America Moving

In moments of crisis, we often remember first responders like firemen, paramedics, and police. Yes, these emergency responders certainly deserve praise. But in moments of prolonged crisis—such as the current Corona Pandemic—there is another group of hardworking people we need to thank.

These people are working behind the scenes. They continue to help put food on the table. They keep hospitals stocked with the medical supplies patients need. And when many non-essential businesses have closed down their brick-and-mortars, they bring consumers the goods they want—while helping businesses stay alive.

We’re talking about truckers.

These are the men and women who are still going to work every day. Other businesses have sent their workforce home, either to work remotely or find a new job. Don’t get it wrong—truckers are happy to have work. But at the same time, they are making a unique sacrifice that others are not having to make.

While the majority of Americans are urged to stay home and minimize contact with others, truckers are out on the road, picking up and delivering inventory, and coming into contact with other people. Given everything we’re hearing about Corona, they are certainly putting themselves at greater risk.

But truckers are not new to hard work and sacrifice. They haul over-the-road for long hours. Though there may be some flexibility in their schedule, they will occasionally have to miss holidays and birthdays—and they will spend time away from their families either way.

It’s amazing to reflect and realize that even when the world has practically shut down, consumers can still go into the grocery store and get fresh fruits and vegetables. They can choose their favorite cereal from dozens of colorful choices. They can decide on hamburgers to grill or sausage links to fry up. Nobody has to go hungry, because a hardworking team of truckers is still…well, trucking.

Businesses can continue to ship to customers. First responders can get the medical and safety supplies they need. The lifeblood of the American economy is still flowing, thanks to the men and women driving semi-trucks day in and day out.

That’s why CURA is putting out a big, billboard-sized message of thanks and positivity to all the truckers out there. Our signage along the I-275 is clear and direct: thank you, truck drivers, for keeping America moving. And as you move those goods to your next destination, remember that Americans have not forgotten about you.