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Continuing Our Work: Cura Executive Update on COVID-19

19.03.2020 9:39:44 PM

Valued customers of CURA Freight,

With the ever-increasing State and Federal restrictions being issued to help prevent the spread of the virus, there is no doubt that our entire industry will be facing adverse times in the coming weeks.

Although we are very cognizant of the growing pandemic, it will not halt our operations in any way. You can rest assured that there will be zero interruption in our service. We at CURA thrive during adversity and pride ourselves on dedication, teamwork, and relentless customer service. Understanding that transportation fuels this country, especially in a time of crisis, makes it even more imperative that our services experience no interruption.

We thank you for working with us and your continued support and trust in our abilities to service your shipments.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who may be affected by COVID-19.

Stay healthy and best wishes,

Eddie Santucci