CURA Freidght Handling Dry Van and Truckload Logistics With Care

This is commonly used when shippers or receivers decide they have enough product to fill a truck.

Many times shippers or receivers will request 1-6 pallets in a trailer by itself.

The freight is time-sensitive or CURA decides it’s more cost-effective than other options based on truck demand.

The term Truckload is a mode of freight for larger shipments.

On average more than 26 ft of a Truckload will be used.

Truckload freight is most commonly hauled in a 48 ft or 53 ft trailer.

We provide competitive rates and premium service at every port and rail ramp in North America through our trusted 1200+ drayage contacts that we have built and sustained relationships with after many years in the industry together. CURA gives clients the ability to expand and improve operations through our solidified resources and capacity. Did you know that one train can haul the loads of 280 trucks or more? We run network analyses to identify modal conversion opportunities. Roads of rails called Wagonways were being used in Germany as early as 1550.

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