Dry Van

This is the method of shipping is commonly used when shippers or receivers decide they have enough product to fill [...]

Open Deck

Is your shipment too large to fit in a dry van, or does it need special accommodations? Our Open-Deck team [...]


CURAs Intermodal team is composed of trained and tenured experts who know the ins and outs of intermodal capacity

Power Only

Our Power Only provides qualified carriers, competitive rates, superior service and experienced team members.

Warehouse & Storage

Transloading is the process of transferring several shipments from one mode of transportation to another and is utilized when one [...]

Drop Trailer

For many shippers, the days of live-loading trailers, missing appointments and delivering late are over. CURA Freight will develop


Our Recovery Freight Team is on call 24/7 with experts ready to help. This includes non-stock inbound, expedited, special orders, [...]


How does CURA Freight stay safe with your product? By ensuring our trucks use a redundant refrigeration system.